Thursday, July 28, 2005

My experience on Toyota dealership yesterday

I'm looking for new Toyota Camry, visited Richmond Hill Toyota dealership yesterday (in Ontario). What you read in the book about dealer tricks, they try to do on you. I told to this guy that I'm ready to buy car for invoice (which is 22,716 for 2005 Camry LE) + 300 dollars mark-up.

  • Dealer Try # 1: Included 600 rust-proof, told him I'm not interested in this addition, and I'll take no extra stuff, so don't spend you time.
  • Dealer Try # 2: Put $289 in doc fee, when I asked what is that, told me - our dealership proud to install anti-thief system to every car that we sell. Told him that I don't need it, he told me: no way, it's coming like that to our dealership, so I told him that I probably should look for other dealership with no system pre-installed. Agreed to take it out.
  • Dealer Try # 3: Calculated price with $300 mark-up, come with ~27,200 on pocket calculator, computer show ~27,900. When I asked him why is a difference, he said that my invoice price is wrong (I've checked it on other dealership before), but didn't agree to show invoice price in his computer (so I assume my is proper one).
  • Dealer Try # 4: He told me that nobody will sell me car for this price, you'll spend your time to go around and eventually come back to us. I told him that I'll send e-mail to 20 Toyota dealerships in GTA and get back even better price. It was the last drop, he wished me good luck and we left office.

All of those tries was in 10 minutes range and I don't know how many more they have in their pockets, specially when you get to financing manager.

P.S. When I recalculated price today, I've got ~28K with 300 dollars dealer mark-up, so this guy doesn't know how to use calculator. :-)

P.P.S Here is how you get 28K: 22,716 (invoice price) + 300 (dealer mark-up) + 1,160 (PDI) + 100 (air tax) + 75 (gas tax) + 15 % taxes (GST - 7% + PST - 8% in Ontario) = 28,003.65


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