Friday, August 26, 2005

I've bought 2006 Camry LE

We've got to dealership, finalized color selection (my wife agreed about Titanium Metallic) and said to the guy that we're ready to buy. He told us that his boss can release car for $1,300 over invoice price (I let him know that I went to CarCostCanada before visiting dealership). I said him that other place is ready to sell it for $400 over invoice price (a little bluff), he said that he need to talk to sales manager. We went together to the sales manager, sales guy spoke to him couple of minutes and then invited us inside. The manager introduced himself and said that the lowest price is $700 over invoice. Then I've asked to take admin fee off (Manager: "Guys, you're ripping me off", me: "Don't worry, you will survive it") and said that I don't want Protector Plus program ($249, additional insurance). After that we were standing and discussed price with the sales guy, the boss passed and said: "I will take $100 off if you decide tonight". I told him: "Take $150 off and we have a deal". We shacked hands and proceed to rip-off (sorry, business) office to finalize sale.

So total amount is: $22,723 (invoice price) + $550 (dealer profit) + $370 (freight) + $695 (PDI, another rip-off, but we have to pay it) + $175 (Air and Gas taxes) + 15% tax (7% GST and 8% PST, I live in Ontario) = $28187.65


At October 29, 2006 5:12 p.m., Blogger Adventures In Money Making said...

wow, so the consumer pays about 25% over the cost of the car for various crap!

interesting. the last time i bought a new car from the dealer was 7 years ago before i started considering the value of money. i'm sure i got royally ripped off.

At March 17, 2007 4:12 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did you only


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