Friday, August 19, 2005

Price of leather seats for Camry

Yesterday I've contacted both Katzkin Leather representatives in GTS and they gave me following prices:
  • Total Auto - $1,500 for leather seats, $400 for seats heater.
  • ASC/Mississauga - $1,400 for leather seats, $350 for seats heater.

Me and my wife dropped by to one of GTA Toyota dealership and asked for price. Here what we've got: $1,800 for leather seats, $800 for seats heater. At least $800 pure profit (+ taxes) for taking our car to 20 km trip. Another point: dealer shows you small piece of leather and it's hard to understand how it'll look in the car. When I've talked to Total Auto and ASC, they both suggested me to drop by to see how they do it, help us with leather selection, etc. My advice: if you're planning to buy car with leather, visit those guys and see what they have in store. You can save big bucks for 20 minutes visit.


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